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Jamey Bowles is a 30 year-old founder of multiple successful businesses.

From a challenging upbringing moving over from Holland at a young age, Jamey founded his first successful business at the age of 17 that grew into a reputable and well-known construction company, working alongside local councils in developing and providing safe and sustainable long term building practices Jamey grew this into a profitable business with real longevity.
Jamey thrives in creating and building businesses from the ground up, sometimes literally. His success is a result of him being able to identify gaps in the market and build solutions around them. He believes within business, a successful business owner or entrepreneur can be measured on their adaptability to create solutions to challenges on a day-to-day basis, whether that be on a small or large scale.

Meet Jamey: A Visionary Property Developer Crafting Inspiring Spaces

After developing multiple businesses within a range of sectors, Jamey has focused on building and developing his property business. Since 2014 Jamey has worked within the property market covering all aspects of property. From sourcing, refurbishment through to lettings.

Over the years Jamey has built vast knowledge within the property market working on both residential and commercial projects throughout the United Kingdom. Jamey utilises his skill set to identify market trends and create unique and inspiring buildings.

Jamey's Diverse Development Portfolio

Residential Development Expertise

Jamey possesses extensive expertise in residential development, spanning renovations and new constructions alike. His portfolio includes a myriad of projects, from single-house renovations to large-scale commercial to residential conversions. Clients benefit from Jamey's keen eye for detail and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Commercial Development Specialization

In the realm of commercial development, Jamey stands out for his proficiency in various ventures. He has contributed to the development of hotels, care homes, commercial properties, and more. Jamey's track record speaks volumes about his ability to navigate complex projects and exceed client expectations.

Global Trust in Jamey's Excellence

Throughout his career, Jamey has garnered the trust of clients worldwide. His unwavering commitment to excellence sets him apart in the industry. Whether undertaking projects locally or internationally, Jamey's reputation for delivering high-quality outcomes precedes him, earning him the confidence of numerous clients across the globe.

Jamey’s unique vision has formed many successful projects that have boosted nearby economies and created vibrant communities. In addition to his property development skills, Jamey also has a passion for environmental stewardship.

He has implemented numerous sustainability initiatives in his projects, such as using green building materials, installing energy efficient appliances, and employing renewable energy sources. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to providing the best dwellings for those in need. Jamey’s knowledge and skill set revolving around property are some of the best in the industry.

“Success is the limit you desire your determination to acquire”

Jamey Bowles

Property Mentorship

Whether you're just starting out in your property business, or a seasoned professional, working with an experienced property Investor and Developer is your ultimate tool to achieving massive results. Some of the most wildly successful property companies and entrepreneurs on the planet rely on business coaching services to become talkable different from the competition.

Jamey Bowles truly understands business, specialising in the property market and how to successfully build a property portfolio, a short chat with Jamey will show you the in-depth knowledge and understanding he can share with you in everything from sourcing and negotiating to the acute nuances of bridging finance, HMO’s and Exit strategies.

In the realm of commercial development, Jamey stands out for his proficiency in various ventures. He has contributed to the development of hotels, care homes, commercial properties, and more. Jamey's track record speaks volumes about his ability to navigate complex projects and exceed client expectations.

Jamey offers a free 30 minute consultation call to identify issues, barriers, goals and requirements. Working with you Jamey will be able to offer 1-1 business advice at a frequency of your choosing to help you create solutions for your business.

Mentorship Packages and business advice services are tailored bespoke to you, some entrepreneurs just need a catch up every now and again for some accountability and reassurance. Some prefer regular check-ins with support as well as advice. Being an entrepreneur doesn't have to mean you are on your own.

Jamey will discuss with you, your goals, aspirations, struggles, mindset, ideas and plans. From there you and Jamey will work together to build a strategy of your relationship and what you need support in. whether that is access to his network for a certain project, or regular check-ins to push forward your development.

Your Personal Mentor for Unique Success

No two mentorship relationships are the same, and Jamey’s vast experience, positive attitude and supporting demeanour will help you to get to where you want to be and further.
What are the advantages of mentorship with Jamey Bowles?

Mentorship with Jamey can provide you with a number of benefits, such as:

  • Guidance on developing and improving your business
  • Help with difficult decision making
  • Ideas for new products or services, or ways of working
  • Tips for your business that are gained from practical experience
  • Access to a network of contacts with other people
  • Develop key business skills
  • Improve your problem-solving abilities
  • Understanding the world of construction from a qualified builder
  • Project management
  • Build confidence
  • Work on your personal development
Jamey’s broad knowledge in the property sector, means he can easily break down processes and walk you through them, forging you with a pathway to success.

Who is mentorship for?

Mentorship is more than just advice, it’s a working relationship, it’s support and it’s an educational process. Whether you are starting your first venture, your twentieth venture or you're a seasoned professional, Mentorship gives you the opportunity to share ideas, bounce them off of another party and continue your education in business.

Take the leap today, book a discovery call to find out how Jamey can help you achieve your ambitions and goals

“Success is the limit your desire your determination to acquire”

Jamey Bowles

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